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Friday, July 29, 2005

Christina is in Florida now :-(

Well, my roomy is gone! :-( I am super sad. I've cried alot...and there is an empty room in my apartment that the kitties wander in and out of as if to say "where is my other mommy" :-( Oh well! She is going to have so much fun down there with her new hubby in her new home. Plus, I can call, e-mail and text message all that I want... and I will see her in October!!!! Yay!!!! It is amazing how we tend to take certain things for granted. I know I took for granted the fact that I could come home and talk about whatever whenever I wanted. Little things that wouldn't be worth calling for like "I talked to so-and-so today" or "This man cut me off on the road today". No need to call, no huge things had to happen for us to talk...we just did. I am going to miss that.

Well soon I will have a new roomy. Missy, Mark's fiance will be moving in with me. She will only be there till March or April...whenever they get there place. That should be good. Chris made a good point in that Missy will get a chance to know the "real" Jenn. Uh out! I am different in public then I am at home. It's weird but my home is my sanctuary and I ... well I'm the same but different. Weird, I haven't thought it all the way through yet but I will. **Missy it's not that bad...I don't think*** Anyway!
Soooo...Seems to be that I emit some kind of faramone or something that whoever lives with me ends up getting married. Alicia (Dan's Wife) lived with me for a little, now Chris and soon it will be Missy. So any one lookin' to get married and lookin' for a roomy about April or so let me know. Hee Hee
Well that's all for now. Things are going to look quite different from now on. I look forward to it, I guess. This change means growth and I always look forward to that. Additionally, growth means a better Jenn Stephenson and I am always looking to be a better Jenn Stephenson.

Father, continue to grant me peace over these changes in my life. Your provisions continue to astound me and I look forward to see where you lead. I pray that you help me to remain focused on you and to never loose site of why you put me here. I pray for Christina and her new life. Give her peace, as well, as she learns how to be a wife to Ben. Draw them near to You as they grow closer to each other and may it be Your desire that they return to Maryland (on a permanent basis, Hee Hee) soon. Amen


Blogger Dave said...

Perhaps you will marry next??



9:57 PM  
Anonymous Tronster said...


I know how you feel with Chris... errr... Christina moving out. I was terribly sad the day after Bill got married and his room was no longer occupied (yet he is only 20 minutes down I-83!) Now I have a new, awesome room mate, but a part of me still misses Bill and the friendship we built up from living together.

I hope and pray that growth does occur with this change; and that your cats and Missy get along. :)


5:10 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Dave--Perhaps, stranger things have happened!
Tronster--I have no doubt that they will.
Thanks for commenting :-)

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Aaron said...

You can get email and text messages down there now?!? Congrats Sebring... welcome to 1994! And Jenn... just remember... a little cat goes a long way in healing that sadness... ;)

8:30 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Unless of course you are allergic to cats...then there isn't healing, just sneezing.

10:58 AM  

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