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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I have been doing alot of praying lately. Circumstances are such in my life right now where I can't think of what else to do. I am learning so much about relationships with people that it is changing my life. My views are changing and I am having to rely on the Lord to teach me the right ways to think. I have been praying on sunday mornings with Tali, Lydia, Banks and some others. We have been praying for the growth of our church and for the movement of the Holy Spirit through the lives of the people there. Those have been some very cool times. I have been praying every sunday night with the Hines', Bender and some new friends I have made. We are praying for guidance with the coffee house and the skate park. We have also prayed over our friends and have witnessed huge life change through that. The Lord has blessed me with amazing friends to pray with but he is also blessing me in the times its just me and him. I have been spending more time on my knees surrendering. Its amazing how simple my prayer becomes the longer I talk with him. I start to recognize how unnecessary speech is. I sit and listen and he knows my heart. Its also interesting how the more time I sit with him or talk with him the more I recognize how sinful I am. I am so sinful and I fall way short. He then reminds me of his ever so sufficient grace and I cry. These times of growth are painful...bitter sweet.

Father, forgive me for my sin that I know you are very aware of. Change my attitudes and ways of thinking so that I may better serve you and aid in the growth of your kingdom. Bless the friendships I have and I pray that I show them the love and grace that you show me. Give me an ever growing peace about the challenges that are near in my life and I pray for power and boldness in those endeavors. I love you. It is in Christ's name I pray.


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