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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My week

Retro 2 sunday's ago was awesome. All of the Horizon peeps came out in there 70's get up. I have to give major props to the ladies. I must say that the females really out did the guys this year. There was the occasional few, like Banks, that put one in for the guys but over all the ladies won.
My kitty ran away last week but he came back the next morning. In the process, Christina brought home a new kitty. She is so cute. I call her Fatty. Now we have three, George, Gizmo and Fatty. I don't think Christina will let me keep the new one though. I can see myself as one of those old spinsters with all the cats...............Interestingly, that idea is pleasing to me at this moment.
Ashes Remain played at the Pour House this last Sunday night. They sounded really cool. I had never heard them acoustic before. My friend from work came with me and a new girl at church looking to move to Maryland. The place was packed out. Man, I know I need to get this coffee house off the ground. I need to get off my rear and do it....such is the source of much anxiety for me right now!
Anyway, last night I got to hang out with Rebecca and Suzanne. Those ladies are the tops. We talked of what we find attractive in guys. It was very freeing. It was also very revealing. I know myself better now. That's always good. Ahh girl time. I love it.
Yay! tonight is linkgroup. That is always a highlight. We have some tremendously rockin' people in our linkgroup. Why has God blessed me, by letting me know such people. Well, more later.


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