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Saturday, October 23, 2004


Wow! this week was crazy!!!! I think I was home maybe 9 hours total that I wasn't sleeping. I got to hang out with Horizon people all week... bonus!!!!
Saturday was my 1/2 marathon and Rebecca, Banks, Mark and Missy came to see me along with my parents. That was fun. Banks and Rebecca made me signs and came to cheer me on. It was a fantastic surprise.
Then Monday, I got to have dinner with my bro. Always a good time... he makes me laugh. I went from dinner to have coffee with Kelly. I love that girl. Her and I need to hang more often. Then on Tuesday, I went to see Kyle, Norm and Liz at Art with a Pulse. That was fun. Kaggin came with and she got to see Kyle do his handy work. The kids got talent. I went from Art with a Pulse to Chili's to have dinner with Rebecca. She is just about the coolest lady on the planet. I always have great conversations with her. She took a hundred pictures of me for the web site and kept bumping into the wait staff. It was hilarious. Saw Josh and Courtney there having dinner and got to chat with them a bit.
Wednesday, I got to go to the Science Center with Mel and Jake Reichley. That was awesome. They have changed it so much since I was a kid. We got to play with fun science stuff and then went to the IMAX to see African Safari. That was a really good time. I went from the Science Center to meet Andrea B. at the mall for dinner. I had never realized but she is super responsible for lots of people. She owns her own Bath & Body Works. Man, is she talented. Then it was off to my house to meet Ben O. and Jeff Mount to practice for sunday worship. I am super siked about worship this sunday. I get to go to Owings Mills and see some peeps I haven't seen in a while. I also don't get the oppurtunity to lead with Ben a whole lot and I value his insite on leading worship. I am continuously humbled by the phenominal musicians I get to sing with. Then, of course, off to Pizza Hut night. Only, that turned into a party at Tronster's and all the Towson peeps where there. Bravo, Tronster for hosting a brilliant always. Thursday and friday I worked but friday night I got a chance to hang with the Foster's. They are Owings Mills people and it was cool learning more about them. I like getting to know new people.
Tonight I get to chill at the Daily Grind with Jess, Christi, Mike, Kaggin, Meg and Dave (maybe), Bekka (hopefully), Lydia and maybe Rebecca again. My link ladies... yay!!!!!!!! (Oh yeah and Mike :-)) Plus I think (for an added bonus) Beth Ann will be joining us. She will be up for the weekend and she told me last night that she might try to stop by. Wooooo Hooooo! Holy Cannoli!
Well, this is kind of how my weeks go but this week was extra crazy and mucho fun. More later.


Blogger Dave said...

"Wooooo Hooooo! Holy Cannoli!"

You heard it here first! :)


Yeah, what a crazy week...

6:32 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

You are definitely a pastor at Horizon. Maybe one day we will pay you for it. :)

7:01 AM  

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