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Saturday, October 09, 2004


I forget who I was talking to one time who told me that they think friendships come in seasons. I guess I believe that to a point but sometimes I think that sucks. There have been a few friendships I have had recently that have (for lack of better words) puttered out. These were friendships that I held very dear and for one reason or another they kind of ...well... aren't there anymore. The reasons were valid and maybe even appropriate. I realize that God puts people in our lives for certain reasons and I do believe that people can be a part of my life for a season but I miss my friends. I miss talking with them and sharing with them. Granted there are new friendships developing and they are sweet (to say the least) but that doesn't change that fact that there are relationships void.

Along with those I miss is my roomy. I am busy and she is busy. We both are spending alot of time with those in our link group and other friends. We could make the time but we don't or something comes up. We pass each other in the morning and sometimes at night before we both fall dead from exhaustion. Those times are nice and usually interesting but we haven't had a whole lot of QT. It is understood that we have alot going on but I miss my friend regardless. I have never realized how much I value Quality Time until this season of my life.

I have concluded that the relationships that I have had recently that may have been there only for a season are worth reinstituting. I want to seek Gods timing and guidance to see if these friendships can still be and if so, how. It is worth it to me to investigate. As for my roomy, I refuse to believe our friendship is only for a season. She is (and has been from the start) a lifer and she is stuck with me whether she likes it or not. It may be that our busy times are only for a season and we must work harder to hang out. It is most definetly worth it to me.


Blogger tali said...

have occasionally run across this syndrome, mourned the loss of good friends, then had them suddenly reappear in my life months/years later. maybe some friendships are seasonal - but doesn't summer always come around again?

6:30 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...


So tell me, which season will it be when you post your next blog entry? j/k


8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't worry jenn, he harps on everyone for not blogging enough. patience, banks, patience :)

2:30 PM  

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