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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Run Down

Wow! alot has happened since Christmas. Hmmm Lets see if my calendar can relive my last couple of months:
*Trilogy tuesday at the Reichleys--awesome
*Started accountability wtih Rebecca and Mel. Best ever. Love you ladies.
*Link group is growing and is amazing. shout out to my linky people.
*I preach... hello. Worst and best moment of my life. Oh how the Lord stretches me.
*Ben Ogden moves to Florida. My roomy is sad, lots of talking.
*Good hang time with Lydia Bandy, Jossy, and Ericka Sharpe
*Christina and I go to New York. Very Cool and a good break
*Work: People die, People live and my boss's expectations are increasing
*Lots of movie nights at the Reichleys. Absolute favorite activity!
*Snow!! Still have to work
*Ashleigh Parkers Wedding Shower! Weird but cool! She's getting married!
*Soccer with Banks and Rebecca, first and last time!
*Help with Capernum at Grace fellowship. That was awesome. Those kids are amazing.
*Hang time with Leslie, Mark and Bethtanne comes to visit. I love my friends.
*Super Bowl party... best part is that Chris and I went to Cheesecake Factory in the middle. yes!
*Coffee House, Coffee House, Coffee House..Research, writing, reading, talking...lots of time.
*Hang time at LochRaven wtih Hines Family, Bender and Sean
*I babysit on V-day. Cool! I can do it.
*Get very sick! Hacked up a lung.
*Jadon teaches me to snowboard. Ouch!
*Most incredible conversation with Kaggin at Link Group. God is working!
*CHICAGO FOR THE COFFEE FEST.---t'was incredible. Went with my mom and had a good time. Got lots of free stuff. Flew home in the snow without one problem. Praise God!

Now I'm home recovering from my trip...unpacking. I feel rested and am praising God for the canceled meeting today. The snow is gorgeous even though I don't like snow. God and I did alot of talking this weekend. My faith grows and so does my uncertainty. I guess that makes sense. I know I am in his hands and I pray I stay in His will. I am reminded of the verse about my weakness being His strength. No doubt. When this coffee house happens...there is no credit that is not to Him. I am not doing this!!!...Praise God for that. I would screw it up.


Blogger CM said...

hey friend!

I've been wondering what the heck happened to you. I had dinner with a girl named Jess tonight. I think you know her friend Erica. We talked about you a bit. I was gonna email and see what had happened to you blogging. Glad to see you are back.

You keeping your brother and that girl of his in line?


10:35 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Hey man! How are you. I am getting your e-mails and am praying for you and all the stuff you are doing.
Yeah, Ericka and I are good friends. She has mentioned Jess.
Mark's a big boy. He's got people that keep him in line. I do, however, take the oppurtunity to tell him what to do every now and then.;-)

11:29 AM  

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