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Monday, April 11, 2005


Well, life as I know it is about to change drastically. Spring is here and things are blooming and the like. I believe that I am about to go through some pretty big changes in my life. My beautiful roomate is in love. The sequences of events that follows feelings like her and Ben have only leave me standing at the edge of a very huge adjustment. My roomy of 5 years and very best friend faces decisions that I can only imagine are strange and exciting. Will she move? Will she marry? Will she find a church? Will she make friends? .....................What will I do without my roomy? Clay, likened it to a really big break-up. Lots of differences, one being...I have never been happier or more excited for my friend. I love my roomy and her happiness as of late is more than I could ask for. Praise God for change.
Life is about to wedge another huge adjustment under my 15 dollar American Eagle Grommet belt. Why the Father of this Universe wants me, of all people, to start Fatt Caff is beyond me. I am about to go to conveniently comfortable to purposely poor. Where will the Cafe be? Who will come? Who will come to know Christ by it? Can I do it? Will I do it right? Having the faith to jump, I think, isn't really the hard part...its dealing with the insecurities and doubt as you make your way to the edge.
Additionally, the summer brings my brothers fair lady. She will be here for the whole summer and will be very much building relationships and settling into the community. ...Ha, just had to go to a code... ok ...where was I? Oh yeah. This will be new and exciting. My lil bro and his babe, bein' around all summer. Will I get to know her better? Will we connect? Will she stay?
Never has there been greater change in my life than when God teaches me something new about the relationships I am in. My mind is heart is eyes are seeing differently. What once repelled now attracts...what once meant so much means so little. My Lord is stretching me and ya know...I don't mind.


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