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Monday, August 08, 2005


Wow! what a weekend. Some dear friends of mine that I only met a couple months ago lost there son this weekend. Matt and Katie Stevens are a part of the sunday night prayer group I go to. On Friday of last week there son, Caleb, was killed in a car accident. How tragic. I was in shock and I can't believe that I just saw him a month prior. It is incomprehensible to me how a parent deals with something like that. He was only 10 years old and was an awesome kid. The Stevens family is one of the coolest families I know and they are so on fire for God. They work so hard serving Christ and doing what they feel God calling them to. They have such a passion for him. I have been praying for them the last couple of days and I have been praying the typical stuff when something like this know...for peace and comfort; support and hope. I trust he will provide those things. But I kept ending up asking God why and telling him that I just don't understand something like this. I went to the viewing yesterday and I just didn't know what to say. What do you say? I told them I was praying for them and that I loved them. I don't know... It is really hard to understand something like this. On a cool note, the skate park has finally got a name...The Caleb J. Stevens Memorial Skate Park. Praise God for that!


Blogger Mary said...

You definitly can't say anything when something tragic like this happens.

I remember asking that same question to God when my Aunt passed away. Not becuase she was young but becuase she believed whole-heartedly in God and yet she was in so much pain for about a year before she even passed away.

The only question you can think of is "why" becuase it's not right. I had to come to terms with my Aunt that it's not what I want thats going to happen it's what God wants. Perhaps it was just the boys time to go. I hate to say that becuase I still struggle with my Aunt's passing. Having blamed God and depised him for a long time.

The one thing I did notice though is though someone we love leaves us. God always leaves us with people who care and love us all around. To help in the time of need. Which is alwaays helpful. Especially when you are hurting.

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