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Saturday, October 29, 2005

So Long

Today is my last day in the CT-ICU at UMMS. It is a bitter sweet really. I am having to say good bye to severl people that I have seen every week for the last 5 years. Dr. Ebright had tears in his eyes when he said he would miss me and some of the nurses have asked me to stay. My boss begged me to stay and said that I always have a position if I ever wanted to come back. I am sad and have realized that I have made several really close friends here. I never thought of people at my work as being close friends but I will truly miss some of them. I plan to visit and I already have "play dates" with a few of them. A couple told me that they plan to visit Horizon just to see me. Yay!
Well on to new things! I am excited about the change. Not that I haven't had enough change but the challenge will be sweet. I can't wait to bike to work and get to know the new friends I will make. long to the following co-workers, don't be strangers:
Maybel Dellaflor, Mama Toni Molock, Mrs Argertha Johnson, Krissy Reith, Sandy Lovelace, Jolie Moncada, Patrick Luddy, Jonathan Ronquillo, April Bahruth, Regina Hogan, Nancy Klein, Heather Tillman, Anne Hall, Jenn Matvey, Jenn Massetti, Sandy Whitmire, Rochelle Norris, Michelle Scelsi, Sharrief Cloud, Mickey Johnson, Sara Alles, Jessica Webster, Chad Eckert, Todd Milliron, Robby Klawitter, Dr. Jamie Brown, Dr. Jim Gammie, Dr. Bart Griffith, Dr. Rob Poston, Dr. Robin Pierson, Dr. Mark Krasna, Dr.Ziv Gamliel, Dr. Mark Sommerville, Dr. Mike Ebright, Coordinators: Ruth Lee and Chris Couchman, Wendy Belica, Sara Swier, Placid Rozario, Tess Matheus, Xiabo Hu, Anne Anderson, Elaine Adams, James Drummond, Carla Palmer, Tyre from Organ Donor, Mindy from Nutrition, Chris Wells from PT, Dr. Rezza Abrishamchain, Dr. James Lopes, Dianne from 6 Gud., John Preto, Anna Long, April Ervin, Lashon Duncanson, Erica Tate-Souvenier Dr. Lamont Smith, Dr. Heidi Abdelhady, Dr. Jay Menaker, Jason, Carla and Rose from Pharmacy, Gigi from Repiratory and all the others.

I love and will miss you all!


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